Creturner Group AB, whose environmental technology business area develops efficient production of biochar via pyrolysis machines, is starting a collaboration with Atmoz Consulting. Atmoz Consulting is a leading actor in the climate field that helps companies manage and reduce their climate impact. This collaboration will make it possible for Swedish companies to climate finance a Swedish project and thus contribute to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Creturner's biochar technology is an innovative solution that reduces carbon emissions by converting biomass into biochar. By binding carbon dioxide and thus eliminating the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, Creturner contributes to the climate transition. For two decades, Atmoz Consulting has been a leader in helping companies calculate and manage their climate impact through climate calculations, climate strategies and climate financing.

In collaboration with Creturner Group AB, Atmoz Consulting wants to broaden its portfolio of climate projects and give its customers the opportunity to climate finance a high-quality Swedish project. Creturner's pioneering solution creates carbon sinks by converting biomass into biochar. Their facilities in Sweden also include a solar power plant, generating 2.3 megawatts, which not only reduces raw material costs but also reduces the overall environmental impact.

Joakim Erlandson, CEO of Creturner Group AB, said: "Our collaboration with Atmoz Consulting marks a major step towards making carbon management more accessible and effective. Together we will offer a solution that eliminates carbon dioxide in a reliable and transparent way. I identified Atmoz early on as a strong partner for the Swedish market. They have done a lot for the climate work and want to continue to develop. I am very pleased that the negotiations resulted in an agreement."
Joel Nord, Chief Climate Analyst for Atmoz Consulting, adds: "We are very excited about this collaboration. We are always looking for new climate projects and have long been looking for sufficiently robust projects here at home. Due to our quality criteria, we have not been able to proceed with most other local projects before. Therefore, it is particularly gratifying to see such a reliable project as Creturner has created, and of course, to be able to offer our customers this in our consultancy and in our Carbon Management Platform."
This partnership means that Atmoz Consulting will offer Creturner's climate services to its customers through its sales channels and platforms. This will make it easy for organisations and businesses to reap the benefits of biochar technology while contributing to a more sustainable future.
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About Creturner Group
Creturner Group AB is a group with two business areas in environmental technology.
 The digital part is a technical computing business that is expanding to strengthen its long-term potential and create a presence in the rapidly growing market for computing capacity. The company has its own facilities in Sweden with its own energy production to reduce raw material costs and environmental impact.
 The environmental technology division offers corporate customers an efficient and permanent method for carbon offsetting their operations. The
method is based on CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removal, which means that residual biomass is converted into the element carbon and deposited to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Creturner's corporate customers can then purchase carbon offsets in the same way as traditional carbon offsets such as tree planting. Unlike tree planting, Creturner's method is immediate, permanent and clearly measurable. The follow-up is done through linked smart contracts that give the customer insight into the outcome and future financial returns from the environmental investment.