Creturner has previously announced that in its technological development it has identified a technical method to economically decompose Co2 into solid carbon and oxygen. The company has now submitted a patent application.

During the autumn and first quarter, Creturner, in collaboration with the respected patent agency Bjerken Hynell, has prepared a patent application for a European patent via the EPO (European Patent Office). Previous patents in the field have been analysed and it has been judged by patent experts and their chemical engineer that Creturner's process is innovative and does not infringe on existing patents. This application concerns Creturner's proprietary technology and method for continuously and industrially breaking down the gas Co2 into solid carbon and oxygen.

The results produced have been analysed in a sample series by the analysis company SGS Analytics Sweden AB in Linköping, which has verified that the presence of carbon amounts to at least 92.7% pure carbon.

How the technology works is proprietary, taking into account the patent, but the technology uses heat at relatively low temperatures together with a metallic catalyst, which is thus not consumed, together with some energy technology to achieve the decomposition effect. The results produced have been analysed and documented by an external laboratory. The company will need to develop the technology further before it can be commercialised at scale and has identified further opportunities to decompose Co2 in an environmentally friendly and economically viable way. The technology is the brainchild of the company's founder and chairman of the board, Daniel Moström.

Creturner intends to continue developing the reactor technology in order to both use it for its own use and also to commercialise it. Creturner believes that there should reasonably be a significant market potential to break down the gas Co2 into its components in an environmentally friendly and economical way. As an example, today's investments in depositing Co2 gas underground are not needed at all when applying Creturner's process.
Attached to this press release are both the analysis results and a folder that further describes the process.

Creturner Group AB is a group with two business areas within environmental technology.
The digital part is a technical calculation business that is expanding to strengthen its long-term potential and create a presence in the rapidly growing market for calculation capacity. The company has its own facilities in Sweden with its own energy production to reduce raw material costs and environmental impact.
The environmental technology division offers corporate customers an efficient and permanent method of carbon offsetting their operations. The method is based on Bio-CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), which involves converting residual biomass into the element carbon and depositing it to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Creturner's corporate customers can then purchase carbon offsets in the same way as traditional carbon offsets such as tree planting. Unlike tree planting, Creturner's method is immediate, permanent and clearly measurable. The follow-up is done through linked smart contracts that give the customer insight into the outcome and future financial returns from the environmental investment.

The company is listed on NGM Nordic SME in Stockholm, Sweden and on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in Germany.

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