Creturner Group AB (publ) ("Creturner", the "Company") has had outstanding warrants of series 2022/2023 (TO2) which have been subject to exercise until 15 February 2023. A total of 2,240,925 warrants were exercised, corresponding to 49% of the warrants of series TO2. This corresponds to an issue price of approximately SEK 1.57 million.

According to the press release dated 31 January 2023, the company has informed that it has reached an agreement with a consortium of external investors on a underwiter commitment for the entire issue volume covered by the option series. No remuneration will be paid for these underwriter commitments. In addition, the consortium has committed to enter into lock-up agreements which provide that any shares that may be issued to investors may not be disposed of for a period of 6 months from the date of grant.

Creturner hereby chooses to activate the underwriter commitment by carrying out the announced directed share issue where the subscription price amounts to SEK 0.70 per share, which corresponds to the exercise price of the option series. A total of 2,332,184 shares will be issued in the directed share issue, corresponding to approximately SEK 1.63 million. Thus, Creturner will receive approximately SEK 3.2 million in issue proceeds through the exercise of the option series and the directed issue.

Warrant holders who have chosen to exercise their warrants are expected to receive shares around week 9 after registration of the matter with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

After registration of the new issues, the share capital will increase by SEK 120,344.98, from SEK 1,396,536.68 to SEK 1,516,881.66. The number of shares will increase by 4,573,109, from 53,068,392 to 57,641,501 shares. The total dilution amounts to 7.93%.

Creturner Group AB is a group with two business areas within environmental technology.
The digital part is a technical computing business that is expanding to strengthen its long-term potential and create a presence in the rapidly growing market for computing capabilities. The company has its own facilities in Sweden with in-house energy production to reduce raw material costs and environmental impact.
The environmental part offers corporate customers an efficient and permanent method to offset their operations. The method is based on Bio-CSS (Carbon Capture and Storage), which involves converting residual biomass into the element carbon and storing it to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Corporate customers of Creturner can then buy carbon offsets in the same way as they traditionally offset climate change, for example by planting trees. Unlike tree planting, Creturner's approach is immediate, permanent and clearly measurable. Monitoring is done through linked smart contracts that give the customer insight into the outcome as well as future financial returns from the environmental investment.
The company is listed on NGM Nordic SME in Stockholm, Sweden and on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in Germany.
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Joakim Erlandson, CEO of Creturner Group AB (publ) on 070-8555255 or via email
Address: Taptogatan 6, 115 27 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
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