The shareholders of Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) held an Extraordinary General Meeting on 23 January 2023 in Stockholm. The following is a summary of the main resolutions adopted at the meeting.

The meeting resolved, as proposed by the Board of Directors, to approve the proposal for a change in the Board of Directors, whereby the current CEO Daniel Moström was appointed as Chairman of the Board, and the other members were re-elected and are Andreas Hall, Dimitrios Sipkas and Patrik Axsäter. The Meeting approved the Board's proposal for a resolution authorising the Board to decide on new share issues and the issue of warrants and/or convertibles.
The Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board's proposal for a resolution authorising the Board to make minor adjustments to resolutions adopted at the Meeting in connection with registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and Euroclear Sweden AB. The Meeting resolved to change the company name to Creturner Group AB. The persons entitled to vote voted 100% unanimously in favour of the decision.
Stockholm, January 2023
Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) unä Creturner Group AB (publ)
Board of Directors
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Daniel Moström, Chairman of Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) on 070-744 6901 or via email