Xpecunia – Creturner enters into a underwriter agreement in connection with the exercise of warrants of series 2022/2023 (TO2).

Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) (the "Company") has an outstanding series of warrants (warrant series 2022/2023 traded under the name Xpecunia TO2) which at the time of this press release is subject to exercise until 15 February 2023. The exercise price amounts to SEK 0.70 per share.

The company has now reached an agreement with a consortium of external investors for an underwriter commitment in respect of the entire issue volume covered by the option series. No remuneration will be paid for these underwriter commitments.

At the end of the exercise period, the Company will receive a report on the exercise rate of warrants and provided there is volume that has not been exercised, the Company may decide to issue the corresponding volume to the investor consortium in the form of a directed share issue. Thus, the total potential issue volume of 4,573,109 has been secured and the Company is expected to raise approximately 3.2 million SEK.
In addition, the investor consortium has committed to enter into a lock-up agreement which provides that any shares that may be issued to the investors may not be disposed of for a period of 6 months from the date of allotment.

For further information please contact:Joakim Erlandson, CEO of Creturner Group AB (publ) on 070-8555255 or via email joakim.erlandson@creturner.com