Focus on HPC is broadened and expanded, Energy production is increased and debt is further reduced. The impact of high energy prices diminishes significantly in the future. Strengthened confidence in the future.

1 June – 30 Sept 2022

Numbers in parentheses are in comparison to the same period in 2021

Third Quarter 2022 – Xpecunia Group

The focus on HPC is broadened and expanded, energy production is increased and debt is reduced.

  • Net turnover increased to 10.9 (8.8) MSEK
  • Gross margin was 58 % (86 %) MSEK
  • Net margin was 28 % (56 %)
  • Net result was 2.9 (4.7) MSEK
  • Cashflow from operating activities was 4.5 (8.8) MSEK
  • Higher energy prices during the quarter affected the margin
  • Effect from high energy costs is significantly lowered due to HPC focus
  • Strongly increasing HPC revenue boosts confidence of the future
  • External debt is halved during the year


  • Net turnover increased to 33.6 (20.3) MSEK
  • Net result was 8.2 (11.3) MSEK

CEO Daniel Moström comments:
The focus on HPC is broadened and expanded, energy is increased and debt is reduced. Xpecunia continues to develop rapidly and the Group is continuously adapting to new conditions. The continued turbulence in the world around us increases our resolve and confirms our basic position that energy, the environment and profitability are highly interlinked. The period's operating profit of +2.9 MSEK and turnover of 10.9 MSEK confirm the stability of the financial performance, even if this has been affected by high energy prices, which are in turn counteracted now and in the future by high profitability in HPC, which is much more energy efficient. This points to the benefit of balancing more parts of the value chain and confirms the logic of acquiring complementary supporting businesses. Financially, Xpecunia has further amortized its debt by SEK 7.5 MSEK after the end of the Q3 period, which now represents a halving of the external debt raised in 2021/2022 for investments.
Digital focus. The digital business now focuses exclusively on HPC (High Performance Computing) as its main area of expertise. Xpecunia saw this area early on (we called it leased capacity at the time) and we thus have a head start in terms of relationships and capabilities. Many companies in the digital economy are now suddenly talking about the same thing. Xpecunia has in 2021/2022 consistently invested in hardware that has this dual-use capability, the investment needs that arise as a result of this focus are about upgrades to reach the highest value segments. Growth in HPC is predicted by many analysts to remain strong.”

Xpecunia is fundamentally a technical computing company that is expanding to strengthen the long-term potential and create a presence in the rapidly growing market for computing capacity. The company has its own facilities in Sweden with its own energy production to reduce raw material costs and environmental impact. The company is listed on NGM Nordic SME in Stockholm, Sweden and on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in Germany.

Financial reports
The complete quarterly report for the period is available on the company's website It is now available in three languages, Swedish, German and English.

Financial calendar
Q4 2022:                       2023-02-08
Q1 2023:                       2023-04-26

Contact information
CEO: Daniel Moström – +46-70-7446901
Address: Taptogatan 6, 115 27  STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) company registration number: 559152-3013