Our story

Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) is a greentech company that extracts cryptographic currencies with help of renewable energy. With our AI model Dynamics we continuously adapt to the volatile and fast-changing development to optimize production.

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Xpecunia Nordic AB (publ) is a greentech crypto company that owns and operate renewable energy driven cryptocurrency mining plants.

The company was founded in Sweden 2016 and has grown from test environment, to validated technical and financial proof of concept in 2017, into a scalable business model in 2018.

Xpecunia leverages the advantage of green energy and the economic transformation that cryptocurrencies and blockchain entail. Many companies and projects in blockchain focus on a changes that will bring income in the future, Xpecunia leverage what already works today and scales.

”We disrupt crypto mining using green energy”

We disrupt the crypto mining business of today that is using an increasing amount of the worlds energy resources. From an operational perspective, electricity represent up to 99% of costs in crypto mining. Instead of using fossil fuel based electricity from the grid, Xpecunia has developed a formula to utilize green energy for crypto currency mining while at the same time building income generating real balance sheet assets in large scale solar power farms.







We offer the Market a green and sustainable way for the Future