Our sites are designed to be in close proximity to each other in order to achieve load balancing effects, power offset and economics of scale. This promotes a near optimum production, carbon neutrality and constant profitability.

All production consumes energy and by maximising the electricity for own solar fields Xpecunia can reach an optimum position which is very close to zero in external power seen over a full year cycle. This means the operative margin attained is then very high bordering to extreme. Maintenance costs and overhead (security, surveillance and IT-services) become the primary costs, generally seen as negligible in other company structures. Load balancing is the key to the industrial process. Load balancing means that both consumption and utilisation dynamically switches between the sites. By physically creating the assets in near physical proximity our production is maintained which is both near carbon neutral and with a constant high degree of profitability.

This means that the operating margin will be very high, close to the extreme