Value Chain




Calculations of today are using large amounts of energy. It is costly both from environmental views and economic terms. Xpecunia has developed a method to utilize own solar power to generate revenue bearing calculations and at the same time build cashflow positive assets in the balance sheet with the development of own large scale solar and financial assets. It is environmentally sound and profitable.


We create our own energy from fully owned solar fields. When conditions are favourable we also buy green energy from the grid. When the sun is shing we consume this energy and sell the surplus to the grid. When the need is lower, we sell renewable solar energy to the grid.


We cooperate with leading digital market places with the highest level of security. We sell our processed units daily in the market in order to reduce the risk of volatility to impact our revenue streams.


We optimise with our own developed algorithm which optimise which method to be used and how much energy is to be utilised in our calculations based production and also when to sell the surplus of energy. We optimise also between different means of revenue bearing choices to be in work at any given moment.


We produce the most profitable combination at any given moment. We work with multiple marketplaces and optimise in real time. Our equipment is state of the art and energy efficient and make use of the natural cooling from Swedish nature with air and water.